The First Wedding Idea You Need to Deal With

Planning a wedding is an arduous task. The process is fun, exciting, not always easy. Why not make as many of the things you must do as simple and uncomplicated as possible? Planning ahead is the key to almost any undertaking, and so it is with a wedding.
One of the first things you need to do (besides getting engaged!) is to announce it to the world that your special day has been chosen. You want your friends and relatives to know well ahead of time so they can make plans to attend. As you look around for wedding ideas, you’ll run across Save The Date magnets. They are clever little items that have your wedding date displayed so they will be able to mark their calendar and keep that time free. They generally don’t go into great detail with times and locations because the times and locations haven’t been decided upon. Your official invitations with those details will come later.
What Style?
You’ll find that some Save The Date products are not magnetic. I suppose if you want to scrimp and save a few dollars you could use the old fashioned paper ones, but the magnetic Save The Date notices are less likely to be relegated to the pile of mail on the kitchen counter and never seen again. If that happens it defeats the purpose of sending them out. You want people to see them regularly so they can be thinking about it. Save The Date magnets don’t get misplaced. They find their way to refrigerators…computer cases…metal cabinets. Places where they are seen daily.
Where To Get Them
Almost all Save The Date magnets and similar wedding ideas are found on the internet. When you are buying through an internet supplier you should deal with one that offers complete customization, not just a handful of templates. Using a pre-designed template means that yours will look like the last person’s magnets with a different name and date on it. That’s all. You should be able to upload your own artwork and pictures, as well as tell them what you want written on them. It’s your wedding. You should design it.
Additionally, find a dealer that has a phone number at which you can talk to a real human being. Some internet outfits are run on a shoestring, and often times no one answers because they are busy mowing the lawn or working at their full-time job. Is that the kind of service you want? I doubt it.
Get with a reputable dealer, design your Save The Date magnet, and begin letting the world know that you are getting married.

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