The Big Sparkling Wedding Plan

A wedding is a big milestone in our life. Every bride has her own plans about the wedding ceremony and tries to make all the traditions of the wedding delightful and unique. One thing that is gaining popularity at wedding ceremonies is the wedding sparkler. Once, we were used to throwing rice or birdseed above the bride and groom while they dash to their honeymoon coach. Now, making an archway for the bridegroom by holding sparklers above their head is taking its place. Just imagine all the sparkles around you when you pass through the guests.
Sparklers are not just kid stuff anymore; you can use sparklers in many creative ways in your wedding. You can use them in your wedding cake. You can have everyone holding and waving sparklers during your first dance as a married couple and during the dollar dance. Each one can use different colored sparklers to create different combinations. Another beauty of using wedding sparklers is the beautiful photographs that can be taken by using long exposure shots. You can create love signs or other signs using the wedding sparklers and take pictures of that. Imagine both of you in a picture with a sparkling heart around you- a great memory of your wedding.
Planning for your sparkler events is essential. You should have someone in charge for the coordination of the sparkler events. He or she would ensure that all the sparklers are lit in time and proper precautions are made. Another important thing is to use 36″ sparklers rather than the 10″ or 20″ sparklers. 36″ sparklers have the longest burning time (more than 4 minutes). This will give you enough time to complete each event comfortably.

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