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Bridal Veil

Wedding Success With Low Budget

Marriage represents the start of a new life, one hopefully filled with happiness. Unfortunately, many couples start their life together saddled with debt caused by tremendous expenses of the wedding ceremony and reception. This often places unnecessary stress on the newlyweds and is no way to start out. The cost …

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Wedding Table Decorations

Wedding Decor Planning – Find Your Wedding Motif

I come across many brides who become bemused when they start to study what they want for their wedding receptions. After being bombarded with so many images of flowers, tables and centre pieces, their original vision becomes lost. A lot of brides simply can’t find anything which inspires them. Others …

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Wedding Gowns

Exotic Wedding Themes

Weddings have always been an occasion every family looks forward to. Most weddings usually mean booking a party lawn or a ground or an indoor party hall. Wedding halls are decorated using flowers, coloured fabrics and lights. However, this is the usual stuff. Real fun for many now is in …

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Small Wedding Ideas

4 Tips on a Low Cost Wedding

So you’re planning the big day, but your budget is limited. How can you possibly create the perfect wedding that you’ve been dreaming about for years on a tight budget? Here are some quick tips to help you plan a beautiful, low cost wedding.
Less Expensive Wedding Dress
Consider less …

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Wedding Decorations

The First Wedding Idea You Need to Deal With

Planning a wedding is an arduous task. The process is fun, exciting, not always easy. Why not make as many of the things you must do as simple and uncomplicated as possible? Planning ahead is the key to almost any undertaking, and so it is with a wedding.
One …

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Wedding Planner

5 Ideas for Cheap Wedding Favors

Five Ideas for Cheap Wedding Favors, for the Bride on a budget:
1. Donate money to charity instead of giving a favor. You can post a sign to let the guests know about the charity you chose and what it means to you as a couple. Besides donating the money …