Should You Make A Huge Fuss Over Centerpieces? Try These Simple Solutions!

Let’s face it; huge elaborate floral centerpieces have your wedding guests swooning as they enter into your reception area. They are beautiful, effervescent and one of the must-have’s at each guest table at the reception. However, if you do your research and hire a really awesome floral designer, you can make your centerpieces LOOK like they cost thousands of dollars, when they really didn’t.
Many floral designers are incredibly imaginative and can help you create ways to re-purpose the floral designs that were used during the ceremony and incorporate them during the reception. So make sure when you are evaluating which florist will work best with your personality and vision, ask them if they like thinking outside of the box!
But what if, you are not using floral designs at the guest tables all? Don’t worry, you can try some of these alternatives that are simple yet beautiful and imaginative!
Solution 1: Re-purpose the Bridesmaids Bouquets. You can mix things up a bit, and utilize the bridesmaids bouquets at some of the guest tables and then at other tables fill lanterns with water and floating candles.
Solution 2: Cake Pops as Centerpieces. Guests always look forward to dessert at any wedding. You can choose to display cute cake pops that are designed like the bride and groom in your wedding colors as centerpieces. This alternative will leave your guests drooling all night!
Solution 3: Basket of Apples. If you are having a fall wedding, a beautifully decorated basket filled with apples or other fruit like pears is a great alternative. In the summer, you could fill the basket with exotic fruits. It offers your guests an opportunity to try something new and delicious. Also, it could possibly become a great conversation starter among guests whom don’t know each other.
Solution 4:Wedding Favors as Centerpieces. Displaying your wedding favors in the center of the table as a centerpiece can be a fun idea and creative way to decorate your guest tables.
Solution 5: Stack of Old Books with a Mason Jar and Flowers. If you are having an outdoor reception and are going for a shabby chic feel, try a stack of old books topped with a mason jar and flowers.
No matter which solution you choose, from beautiful floral centerpieces to yummy desserts, don’t make a huge fuss over your centerpiece. A little bit of imagination infused with creativity will impress you and your guests at your wedding reception.
I would love to hear about the centerpiece you decided to go with at your wedding!

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