Need Tips on Wedding Head Table Decorations?

It used to be that the entire bridal party sat together at the reception, but these days, most brides and grooms opt for a “sweetheart” table at their reception. There isn’t much time to sit, with dancing and spending time with your guests, but it is nice to have a place to take a quick break and have a moment within all the busy to just be with your new spouse.
This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a table devoted to highlighting your bridal party, which is always an option. You may also choose to just have a table for you, your spouse, maid/matron of honor and best man. Always remember, it is your day, and you may design it however you want. Whatever you decide, this is a special table and should be treated as such. You could decide to have special floral arrangements created for this table or a colored table linen that complements your bridal party colors. Include wedding pictures of your parents’ and grandparents’ at their head table to create a really special, personal affect.
Some reception sites may have special chairs that can be used at this table to draw everyone’s attention. Most places would be happy to accommodate your bringing your own special seating if you have it. If the seating at your location is the same, talk to your florist about doing something special to the seating, perhaps with floral vines or fabric to make them stand out. If you have chosen to include columns during your ceremony, this is a great opportunity to reuse them to frame out the new bride and groom.
Take the decorations, if you have them, from your ceremony and decorate your table and chairs. Larger floral arrangements that were used to decorate the alter, could be placed to flank your table. Make the most of your purchase and reuse any decorations you can.

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