Money Saving Wedding Decoration Ideas

Your wedding does not have to be an event that breaks your wallet and you have many avenues available to save money while at the same time having the kind of wedding that you want. One idea that can save you a lot on costs is to plan your wedding at a place that is already fully decorated. Churches are often beautifully decorated during the Christmas and Easter seasons which can save you quite a bit on decoration costs. If you match your colors and theme to the venue’s decorations, you will have an elegant ceremony for very little cost. You want to book early because many people like to get married at these times of the year and this way you will be assured a definite date.
You can also make decorating much cheaper by looking at the types of decorations you are going to use at your reception. Choose an overall color scheme for the reception of maybe two or three colors to work with as a starting point. Then, purchase inexpensive table cloths in those colors and very them throughout the room. Your centerpieces can be very simple and made by you using ribbon, fake flowers and any other actions that you want to add. By setting up and making your own decorations with help of others you can save a fortune that can be spent elsewhere.
Another money saving aspect of your wedding is the cake, which can be very expensive to have made at a bakery and delivered. If you know someone in your family or you yourself are a talented cook, consider making your own cake. It does not have to be overly elaborate, but a very simple two or three tiered size is appropriate. You will need to know how many people will be attending the reception and base ingredients on that number. Another option is to make a smaller cake and then use one or two sheet cakes in addition for the reception party. A smaller cake is easier to make, takes lesson ingredients and time in preparation. Many bakeries and stores, including crafts supplies stores, carry wedding cake kits that include directions, recipes, the supports and other necessities to make your cake spectacular. You can also reduce your costs this way by purchasing your own ingredients and you had the advantage of making the cake just the way you want it.
You don’t have to purchase expensive decorating tools when putting the accents on your cake. You can put frosting in a Ziploc bag, make sure you squeeze out the air, seal it and then use scissors to cut a tiny amount one. Squeezing gently, you can do swirls, lettering or whatever types of actions that you want. If you want a thicker or thinner line of icing you can simply cut the corner of the bag to have a larger smaller hole. You can do research in magazines, books, and online that can give you tips on making your cake as simple as possible. These strategies will help you say quite a bit on your decorating expenses for your wedding.

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