Easy to Follow Tips For Your Wedding Church Decoration

Most wedding ceremonies are held in a church. In preparation, wedding church decoration should be planned ahead to achieve the desired look of the setting. However, before anything else, there are some guidelines that couples need to adhere to especially with regards to the wedding church decorations.
Couples must ask the church officials what are imposed restrictions. Mostly the rules cover restrictions about the altar. Too often, churches do not allow the altar to be touched. Other restrictions refer to the materials used in the wedding church decoration. For example, some churches may have some restrictions about the use of candles, guidelines on the use of real and faux flower and outdoor items like birdseed or rice may also be prohibited. They may also have some cleaning policy after the wedding ceremony.
After considering the church rules, make sure that your wedding church decorations abide by the rules. Now, to start off..
The Church Pew
In beautifying the church pews, consider creating flower arrangements for each row. You can put flower arrangements on the sides of the pews near the aisle where the bride will walk down. This adds stunning effects especially on the photos. The most traditional and the most inexpensive pew decorations are bows. Now, to add more twists to make it look more adorable, you can add a charm of your wedding them to it. If you don not like bows on church pews, you can use wreaths, floral balls and tulle or ivy swags instead. Candle-adorned pews are great decorations as well. They give glow to the entire room. You can are either put it on vases or surround it with flowers. You can use baskets of flowers for your decorations too.
The Altar
Since the altar will be the focal point of your wedding ceremony, make the most of beautifying it using the most elaborate and adorable wedding church decorations. But then again, make sure you are aware about the church policy. Make sure you are allowed to touch the altar for decorations before even buying and making any changes. The altar would technically be the background of most pictures taken during the ceremony. Now, to transform the altar into a wonderful background, get great wedding floral arrangements and place them in movable stands or pillars.
To add more decor, you could put an arch in between the first pew and the altar and adorn it with flowers and candelabras. Sculptures also make a fantastic decoration to the altar. You can rent some heart-shaped sculptures, that would be more appropriate for the occasion. Whatever, church wedding decoration you have in mind, make the best of making the altar look alive and very beautiful for the occasion.
The Aisle
The aisle is one of the most important pieces that needs to be decorated because it is where the bride will walk down. Putting an aisle runner adds sophistication and color to the church. It actually implies honor and importance to the bride as she walks down the aisle leading to her beloved.
Aisle runners come in various colors and themes for you to choose from. One idea is to color coordinate with the bouquet of the bride or the wedding color theme to give it a unified look. You can also have an aisle runner custom made with your initials on it. For added beauty and fragrance, scatter rose petals along the runner.

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