Creative Wedding Ideas – Food

This is the second installment of the ‘Creative Wedding Ideas’. The first installment focused on invitations. Today the focus is on our most favorite part of all: Food!
Before we get started, let me first emphasize that the last thing anyone should do is extend themselves beyond their budget. Set a dollar amount that you and your partner are comfortable with and stick to it. You are throwing a wedding to celebrate your love, not to bury yourself in debt. Even a tiny budget can go a long way.
Now, on to the food tips!
Tasty, Not Trendy
What any host wants to avoid when throwing an event is serving trendy-or worse yet, tacky-food. Instead of choosing the typical menu items that guests see at a wedding, why not opt for the less eaten but more delicious counterparts? Here are just a few food choices you can choose to ensure that your menu steers far away from the horrible T’s: trendy, tacky, or typical.
– Grilled octopus instead of fried calamari
– Snow crab tacos instead of shrimp cocktail
– Multi-coloured beet salad instead of mixed greens
– Pork belly instead of steak
– Spaghetti squash instead of pasta
– Baklava or creme brulee instead of cake or cupcakes.
Quality over Quantity
When it comes to weddings, the expression ‘quality over quantity’ really rings true. The point is not to stuff your guests into oblivion. Rather, the point is to offer them a delicious meal that will contribute to the overall wedding experience. With that in mind, it is wiser to opt for a meal plan that will include fresh, tasty ingredients across two rounds of service (hors d’oeuvres and main meals) over one that offers bland food across five separate rounds of service. Most wedding catering services will offer the option of customizing their menu plans, so make sure to ask if you can tweak their pre-set menu to suit your preferences.
Farmer Fresh
Deciding what you serve and how much you serve is just half the battle. What will really allow you to offer your guests an unforgettable culinary experience is the freshness of the food on their plates. In an ideal world, every catering service will get their stock from local suppliers, which will in turn guarantee delicious, fresh food. That is not to say that every morsel has to have been freshly picked the day of. But local suppliers, especially local farmers and butchers, typically adhere to the highest of freshness standards.

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