Beach Theme Wedding Ideas

Beach weddings are one of the most popular wedding themes, especially in the summer months. It is a fun idea for a wedding, and one which your guests are sure to enjoy. These are some great beach theme wedding ideas to get you inspired.
First of all, whether your beach theme wedding is by the ocean or at a location hundreds of miles from the nearest body of water, set the stage with your decorations. For an outdoor wedding, line the perimeter of the reception with tiki torches to cast a festive glow. Use natural materials whenever possible, such as sea grasses, shells, faux coral, and sea glass. Hurricane lanterns are another great idea for a beach wedding. They can be used almost anywhere – as centerpieces, to line walkways, or on side tables.
Let your guests know that they are in for a fun event with your save the date cards. A message in a bottle save the date is a very cute idea for a beach theme wedding. Another great idea is to get postcards from the beach where your wedding will take place (or just from your favorite beach if your wedding will not be at the ocean) and use those as your save the dates. One more fun possibility is to write a message in the sand and photograph it to use for your save the date cards. It can be as simple as “Brenda and Matthew, July 11, 2011, Save the date”.
The wedding party should definitely dress the part for a beach theme wedding. This means lightweight materials like chiffon, organza, or linen, and breezy styles such as halters or spaghetti straps. A heavy satin gown will detract from your theme, so be sure to select something with a lighter feeling. One of the prettiest styles for a beach theme wedding dress is a chiffon or organza halter which ties around the neck with a long tie that will flow down the back. Beach wedding jewelry such as keshi or coin pearls is perfect with this style of gown. Another idea is to select wedding jewelry with a classic beach motif, such as a crystal starfish or seashell necklace. This is a great idea for your bridesmaid gifts, as well.
A beach wedding should have laid back music that will really set the tone. A steel drum band is one of the most distinctive island sounds and would be a great option for the reception. You could also consider Hawaiian music or even classic American surf music from the ’60s like the Beach Boys. Keep the music upbeat and fun to keep your guests dancing all night long. One nice thing about a lot of the island or surf music is that it is something which can be enjoyed by guests of all ages, which is great when your guest list is multi-generational. A cd of some of the songs from your playlist would make a great wedding favor.
Consider a wedding cake with a tropical flavor to really carry your beach theme through the event. You could have a rum soaked cake inspired by Jamaica, a cake with coconut frosting, or a key lime cake. Decorate the cake with beach theme accents, such as shells or starfish, either real or made from sugar. Your beach wedding cake might look almost too good to eat – but it will taste too good not to!

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