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Small Wedding Ideas

4 Tips on a Low Cost Wedding

So you’re planning the big day, but your budget is limited. How can you possibly create the perfect wedding that you’ve been dreaming about for years on a tight budget? Here are some quick tips to help you plan a beautiful, low cost wedding.
Less Expensive Wedding Dress
Consider less …

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Wedding Decorations

The First Wedding Idea You Need to Deal With

Planning a wedding is an arduous task. The process is fun, exciting, not always easy. Why not make as many of the things you must do as simple and uncomplicated as possible? Planning ahead is the key to almost any undertaking, and so it is with a wedding.
One …

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Wedding Planner

5 Ideas for Cheap Wedding Favors

Five Ideas for Cheap Wedding Favors, for the Bride on a budget:
1. Donate money to charity instead of giving a favor. You can post a sign to let the guests know about the charity you chose and what it means to you as a couple. Besides donating the money …

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Wedding Planning Checklist

Need Tips on Wedding Head Table Decorations?

It used to be that the entire bridal party sat together at the reception, but these days, most brides and grooms opt for a “sweetheart” table at their reception. There isn’t much time to sit, with dancing and spending time with your guests, but it is nice to have a …

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Wedding Gowns

Wedding Tips! – Making Memorable Wedding Photos

A bride’s wedding day is the single most anticipated day of her life. It also marks a milestone in the couples relationship up until that point and brings two families together to form one. The end result is the sum of months/years of planning, saving, sacrificing, and fighting over the …

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Wedding Accessories

6 Things You Can Do to Cut Costs For Your Wedding

Cost cutting for your wedding begins as soon as you say “Yes!” Unless you have unlimited funds, you will quickly realize that not only the large items, like your dress, food, the venue, and flowers are expensive and take a large chunk out of your budget, but all the little …