6 Things You Can Do to Cut Costs For Your Wedding

Cost cutting for your wedding begins as soon as you say “Yes!” Unless you have unlimited funds, you will quickly realize that not only the large items, like your dress, food, the venue, and flowers are expensive and take a large chunk out of your budget, but all the little things, like favor, cake toppers, tipping, even napkins, start adding up. That is why, from the very beginning of your wedding planning, you need to start using these tips to cut the costs of your wedding.
1. Negotiate with vendors whenever possible. You can often negotiate a better price for where you want to hold the wedding ceremony or reception, particularly if you are flexible as to the date and time. You can also cut costs with vendors by seeing what of their services you can provide instead of them. Can you order or buy your flowers wholesale, then have a florist arrange them? Can you arrange to have you seamstress do the alterations on your dress instead of the shop seamstress? There are many ways you can knock down the original price.
2. Research, research, research! Always research and compare price and services offered for that price before committing to anything. Even if you are planning to do the item yourself, like the food or decorations, you need to shop around and compare prices for supplies to get the best deal.
3. Get the word out. Let people know you are planning your wedding and network with them. You never know who may know someone, or be able to do it themselves, something on your planning list for free, or just the cost of the supplies. You might find someone that has a talent for flower arranging, cake making, photography, sewing and alterations, or a musician. Do not be embarrassed to let someone know you are looking for someone to help you, or for someone with a particular talent.
4. Do as much as you can yourself, or have family and friends help you do it yourself. This can save you a significant amount when you decide you can make your own favors, hair ornaments, centerpieces, jewelry, and guest book.
5. Borrow things from people whenever possible. Quite often someone you know probably has the decorations from their wedding stored, or some other item or supplies you need. Cake servers, toasting glasses and cake toppers are often borrowed. Borrowing someone’s wedding veil, gloves, or even their dress will save you money and be a nice sentimental gesture.
6. Stick to your price range and budget. It seems obvious, but it is tempting to ‘cheat’ and go over the amount of money you originally decided to spend on your wedding. Don’t! Once you go over the decided amount because your found something nicer or better, you will probably continue to override your budget. Before you know it, you will be in debt.

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