5 Ideas for Cheap Wedding Favors

Five Ideas for Cheap Wedding Favors, for the Bride on a budget:
1. Donate money to charity instead of giving a favor. You can post a sign to let the guests know about the charity you chose and what it means to you as a couple. Besides donating the money to a good cause, you’ll also be letting the guests know about you as a couple by the charity you choose. Also, quite simply – it’s an altruistic and nice gesture!
2. Seeds! Give your guests a green favor and let them plant flowers or trees. Instead of a favor that gets thrown out and adds to the world’s waste and garbage problem, you’ll have a favor that gives back to the environment. Besides, even if your guests throw this favor away, this gift won’t pollute! A flower or a tree might spring up instead!
3. Don’t do a favor. No, it’s not traditional, but it’s your wedding. If you don’t want one, don’t have one and get rid of the added expense. Most people throw them away anyway, so they end up being a waste. If you feel guilty, spend a little more time writing thank you notes after the wedding – let guests know you really appreciated them being there. That will mean more to them than the favor.
4. Candy! It’s the most well known of cheap favors – do Hershey’s Kisses, mints, or M&Ms. Pretty much any cheap candy will do!
5. Check out the under $1 wedding favors online, at dollar stores, etc. You might find something cute and not break your budget to pay for them.

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