4 Tips on a Low Cost Wedding

So you’re planning the big day, but your budget is limited. How can you possibly create the perfect wedding that you’ve been dreaming about for years on a tight budget? Here are some quick tips to help you plan a beautiful, low cost wedding.
Less Expensive Wedding Dress
Consider less expensive options for your wedding dress. While you may be tempted to quickly fall in love with an expensive dress, look around at many options before settling on one, and you will probably find a beautiful dress at a reasonable price.
If you are willing to try something new, try looking for dresses on eBay. Many custom-made wedding gowns on eBay are sold for under $200, and you can read reviews of the seller to make sure that they provide quality gowns and service. Finding a good deal on a wedding dress will be a great start to planning a low cost wedding.
Make Sure you Schedule Your Wedding at the Right Time
Another way to plan a low cost wedding is to schedule it at the right time. If possible, schedule the wedding to be during the “off-season,” which would be January, February, or March (but avoid Valentine’s day, because flowers will be more expensive then). The most popular wedding months are May through October, and December is becoming more popular.
Also, schedule the wedding for Friday or Sunday, rather than Saturday. Wedding services and locations will be more expensive on Saturday, since it’s more in demand. Rates for all of your wedding services will be lower on off-days and during the off-season, allowing you to maintain a low cost wedding.
Use Friends and Family
Another way to plan a low cost wedding is to make use of friends and family as much as possible. For example, rather than hiring a DJ, put your favorite songs on your iPod and rent a speaker system (available for $50-$150). You can also cut down on your photographer’s costs by not hiring him for the reception. Instead, place disposable cameras on the tables and ask your guests to take pictures for you.
RSVP Online
A final tip for keeping a low cost wedding is to be smart with your invitations. For example, make sure that your invitations will only require one postage stamp. Also, save on RSVP postage by setting up a free wedding website where you can get your guests to RSVP online.
There are many more ways to save money on your wedding ceremony. A little creative brainstorming will go a long way in helping you plan a beautiful, low cost wedding.

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