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Planning A Wedding

A Unique Wedding Idea – Save the Date Magnets

President Obama was just awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Whether you agree with the decision or not, you can’t say that it didn’t generate a lot of talk about it. The same kind of buzz can be created for your wedding, too. Perhaps not on such a grand scale, but …

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Wedding Photography

Creative Wedding Ideas – Food

This is the second installment of the ‘Creative Wedding Ideas’. The first installment focused on invitations. Today the focus is on our most favorite part of all: Food!
Before we get started, let me first emphasize that the last thing anyone should do is extend themselves beyond their budget. Set …

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Wedding Gowns

Six Super Ideas For Your Wedding Decorations

Wedding decorations for your tables, ceremony and wedding reception venue are many and varied, limited only by your imagination and, perhaps, your budget!

Using the internet will uncover a variety of ideas for you to consider, particularly if there is a forum where brides to be can swap ideas and …

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Wedding Planning Checklist

Easy to Follow Tips For Your Wedding Church Decoration

Most wedding ceremonies are held in a church. In preparation, wedding church decoration should be planned ahead to achieve the desired look of the setting. However, before anything else, there are some guidelines that couples need to adhere to especially with regards to the wedding church decorations.
Couples must ask …

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The Big Sparkling Wedding Plan

A wedding is a big milestone in our life. Every bride has her own plans about the wedding ceremony and tries to make all the traditions of the wedding delightful and unique. One thing that is gaining popularity at wedding ceremonies is the wedding sparkler. Once, we were used to …

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Wedding Themes

3 Cheap Wedding Tips

If you are a bride on a budget, you may be losing hope about how to manage a cheap wedding. Ideas to make it both inexpensive and beautiful require some creativity, but many cheap wedding ideas will stun your guests and leave money in your bank account. Saving on some …